TAFE & Government of Rajasthan MoU

jfarm services, TAFE & Government of Rajasthan MoU

TAFE's MoU with the Government of Rajasthan focuses on two initiatives - Custom Hiring Centres, and the Centre of Excellence in the form of JFarm Rajasthan for a period of five years with an estimated total outlay of
Rs. 970 crores in the agri-sector of Rajasthan. Through the MoU with the Rajasthan Government, JFarm Services hopes to partner with 900 farmer entrepreneurs, create 4000 jobs, and touch lives of 500,000 farmers.

TAFE & Government of Madhya Pradesh Partnership

TAFE has collaborated with the Madhya Pradesh Government for the e-Kisan Sarthi initiative.
Through this partnership it has supported the Haldhar Yojana for small and marginal farmers by extensive promotion and onground implementation.

TAFE & Government of Bihar Partnership

jfarm services, TAFE & Government of Rajasthan MoU

JFarm Services has been launched in Bihar jointly with the Department of Agriculture, Government of Bihar, under the Bihar Agriculture Growth and Reform Initiative (BAGRI) and facilitates the hiring of tractors and modern farm machinery to farmers.

TAFE through JFarm Services has collaborated with the Government of Bihar in making farm mechanization available to small and marginal farmers through the shared economy model to create sustainable agricultural productivity and growth for the state.

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